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Attention, Awareness and Acceptance


 Attention, Awareness and Acceptance

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Mindfulness starts from the moment one becomes aware of their thoughts, feelings, body sensations and environment through a gentle and therapeutic technique. It’s been in existence for several centuries but in the last 15-20 years, there’s been a rapid growth in the incorporation of mindfulness based therapies all over the world.

Attention , Awareness and Acceptance are the three most important techniques to be mindful.

Mindful attention and awareness are almost similar. It means to knowingly observe your feelings, actions and environment. We learn to recognize and acknowledge what’s going on during each moment without having the fear of being judged.

Mindful acceptance means to understand your feelings and take control over your emotions. Each one of us have goals and plans but if something doesn’t go as per our plans then it is not easy to accept failure. Mindful acceptance means to be happy and accept each situation as it comes.

Tips to practice mindful attention, awareness and acceptance :

·        Start with yourself :

Most of us tend to be hard on ourselves. But if we are positive about each situation, it motivates to do better.

·        Let go :

It’s not easy to let go of negative emotions. But if  we ponder too much upon negative situations, they tend to overpower our emotions which is not good for metal health.

·        Acknowledge :

In order to be mindful, one has to readily accept ourselves as who we are whole heartedly. Accepting our self doesn’t mean weakness or giving up. It means respecting our self, the current situation and acknowledging that everything is temporary.

·        Not to be judgemental:

In order to be mindful, one has to learn not to be judgemental and see the situations as they are. One should not think of situations as positive or negative but accept as they are.

·        Find the good :

All of us have faced situations where  everything seems wrong and nothing goes our way. Finding light at the end of the tunnel is not easy. Although it seems impossible but if one consciously makes an effort it’s not difficult to find something positive about each situation.

It’s never late start practicing mindfulness. You can start today!

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  1. Glad to connect with you on another April Challenge.
    This is a great start to the series.
    We hear so much about Mindfulness. But you have made it very easy to understand.
    Understanding ourselves is I think one of the first steps.
    Looking forward to your posts.
    I am also on the challenge. But no theme.
    Hope you will like my posts.

  2. Great advice! Note to follow it…

    1. Now to follow it *
      From brinda ritecontent dot com


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