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Embrace Imperfection for a Mindful Living


Embrace Imperfection for a Mindful Living


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Most of us strive for a perfect life, job, partner, health and kids. But in the pursuit of that perfection, we add on immense amount of anxiety and stress upon ourselves. We assume that being perfect will make us happy, content and we will be at peace. Unfortunately, knowingly or unknowingly we add a lot of stress upon our mental and physical health.

Rather than being perfect, one should learn to embrace their imperfections. This would certainly take the unnecessary pressure off ourselves and we will enjoy the lives that we are living.

The dictionary meaning of imperfections is, The state of being faulty or incomplete.”

Embracing imperfection means that we are giving ourselves the freedom to chase our dreams and goals without the pressure of outcome.

Ways to Embrace Imperfections:

·        Live in the moment :

Living in the moment eliminates the feelings of un worthiness and feeling bad about ourselves.

Using mistakes made along the way as part of the learning process:

All of us make mistakes. If we sit and brood over our mistakes, we can never be happy. Unhappiness comes in the way of moving forward in life. Instead of thing what went wrong and why did it go wrong, it is better to learn from your mistakes, move ahead and try again. Unhappiness will lead to unwanted negativity and stress.

·        Accept that all of us are imperfect:

In order to embrace imperfection, one needs to accept that all of us are imperfect. Everyone makes mistakes and nobody is perfect.

·        Imperfection doesn’t mean you are unworthy :

Imperfection doesn’t mean that you are not worthy. It means to be able to acknowledge your flaws, accept them and move ahead. Imperfection does not make you less worthy than anyone else.

·        Choose your friends wisely:

Sometimes even if you want to be happy and have accepted your imperfection, people around you do not let you move forward. Stay away from negative people, who do not support your or your growth. They do not see the good in you and demoralize you. You do not need negative people in your life. Distance yourself from people who only see the negatives or the flaws in you.

·        Life is short :

Remember that life is short and one should not waste their lives in thinking what should be rather than what is there today. Smile often and do not overthink about any situation.

Accept that you might not have achieved the goal that you had set for yourself yet but you can still enjoy where you are now. Being able to celebrate your strengths and accomplishments is not easy. Remember that mindfulness begins from the time you accept what you are, you are aware of who you are and what you want to be.

Let go of all the inhibitions, take risks and chances in life. 

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