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Mindful Diet


Mindful Diet

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In simple terms, mindful diet means to pay attention on food, moment by moment. Our lives have become so mechanical that we do not sit at a stretch for ten minutes to eat properly. Eating mindfully, can have immense benefits to your health in the long run.

Mindful eating involves removing all distractions while eating . In doing so, we take our time over a meal. If you truly pay attention to what to you are eating, you can enjoy eating each bite. We savour the flavours and the aromas. This helps us to connect to our senses. One should eat without any judgement, guilt ,anxiety and stress.

Mindful eating helps us to make good food choice which can lead to weight loss. When we are more aware of our surroundings, our mind is more calm and we are less stressed out which in turns gives us the ability to make better food choices.

Tips for a Mindful Diet :

Listen to your instincts:

Most of the times if we don’t pay attention we tend to eat emotionally. It means that we are eating food which is not required by our bodies. We do not give time to our bodies to think and the food to digest. Rather, we finish what’s on our plate and take the second helping. This leads to overeating and weight gain, which can lead to many health problems and anxiety. That is why it is very important to eat slowly and listen to our body.

Stop eating before your tummy gets full :

One of the ways to not overeat is to stop eating before your tummy gets full. This will only happen if we eat slowly and enjoy what we are eating.

Being aware of what our body needs:

To have a mindful diet, ask these questions before you start eating :

·        Are you really hungry ?

·        How hungry are you?

·        How satiated do you feel halfway through the meal?

·        Do you enjoy what you eat?

Being able to answer the above questions will help in making the right choices in food which will help your over all health.

Distinguishing between true hunger and non hunger triggers:

It is important to be aware to be aware when you are actually hungry and when you want to eat because you are sitting idle or just want to put your mind to something else. Be aware of the timings or the triggers when you actually feel hungry. Sometimes the body wants water and we mistake it to being hungry.

It is not difficult to be aware of what you eat. You can start your mindful diet from today. Avoid distractions during your meal times and enjoy the food !

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