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Kids and Mindfulness


Kids and Mindfulness

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Children and adults both benefit from mindfulness. It means to accept and be aware of the present moment. As adults, we can make our children mindful from a very young age.

Benefits of Mindfulness for children:

Improved focus :

Children are able to concentrate better, whether it’s in academics or sports or for activities like dance, music and art. Their overall focus improves.


Mindfulness teaches children to be compassionate. It motivates children to think about others feelings and motivates to help a person in need.

Better academic performance:

Once the children learn to focus, they are able to concentrate better in their studies, which helps them in doing well in studies.

Resolve conflicts:

Children who are mindful, do not indulge in fighting and arguments, rather they help resolve conflicts, which improves their overall well-being.

Less Stress:

 Children who practice mindfulness form a very young age, do not have stress, anxiety or depression.

Teaches gratitude:

Mindfulness teaches children to be thankful for what they have which makes them humble human beings.

Here are ways of how we can make our children more mindful:

Start with simple meditation:

In order to teach mindfulness to children, start with the simple practice of meditation. Teach children, how to meditate and the feeling of being compassionate for others. In order to teach them to meditate, find a comfortable position to sit. Think of a red dot or black dot and concentrate on it. Make a wish and let it go. Like this, when they are concentrating on a small dot, tell them to concentrate on a family member and make a wish for them.

It is okay if you are not able to concentrate:

Tell children that it takes time to concentrate when you are meditating. It is oaky if they lose focus on certain days. It takes a lot of practice to be able to concentrate and meditate.

Practice with them:

It is always good to practice with children. Seeing adults practice with them, motivates the children to focus too.

Do something fun:

After the children have finished meditating, do something fun with them. For eg. play a game, treat them with their favourite food. This motivates children and they will look forward to meditate.

Mindfulness is an ongoing process. Take out time every day to particle mindfulness skills with your child. When you make it a priority, the child will also see its importance and try to work hard on being mindful.

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