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No better time than Now


No better time than Now

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All of us have endless to lists and have numerous tasks to complete in a day. Along with work , one has endless worries and stresses which makes us distracted and restless. In order to complete everything and yet not be stressed, one needs to be mindful. Mindfulness means to be aware of yourself, your surrounding and even your breaths.

The big question which arises here is when should a person start being mindful? What is the right age to start mindfulness?

The answer to these questions is “NOW”. There is no better time than now. Now is the time when you be mindful. Mindfulness can be a part of your everyday life.

Here are simple tips which will help you to make mindfulness a part of your daily life :

Take out ten or fifteen minutes for in a day:

From your everyday routine, take out ten or fifteen minutes everyday where you sit alone without any disturbance. Treat this as your sacred time.

Make a journal:

Writing about your feelings always help. A journal is only meant for you and for no one else. It is your sacred notebook where you can freely write and express your feelings without being judged. This will a be a great mood tracker for you too.

Count your breaths :

In order to be mindful, one needs to be aware of their surroundings. Sometimes its not easy to concentrate on what’s going around you. The easiest way is to sit comfortably and count the number of breaths you take every minute. Once you start doing this, you will notice that you’ll be more attentive in your everyday life. This will also help you get rid of wondering thoughts.

Spend some time in the nature:

Researches have shown that being in the outdoors calm and soothes your mind. One way to practice mindfulness is to go for a walk. It is not only a good exercise but is helpful to calm people. One of the easiest ways to be mindful while walking in the outdoors is to count the number of time you lift your feet for walking. This will help you concentrate and your mind will not wander off.

Do not multitask:

Being a multitasker is not bad but sometimes, doing too many tasks at a time can be very stressful and overwhelming. Also, you can forget something important while doing too many things at a time. It is better to take one task , complete it and then move to another task.

So, if you want mindfulness to be a part of your life, ‘now ‘ is the time to begin.

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