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Being Mindful in the outdoors


Being Mindful in the outdoors

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Most of us like to meditate indoors but meditating in the outdoors can have immense benefits too. All of us know that mindfulness has many benefits , one of it is to reduce stress.

Although you can practice it anywhere where you feel comfortable but practicing mindfulness in the open can have many benefits.

Benefits of Outdoor Mindfulness :

More Concentration:

You need to focus and concentrate when you are meditating. Meditating in the outdoors help you to concentrate better and our mind doesn’t wander so much.

Outdoors are calm:

The sounds of the nature are very calm and soothing. Once you get attuned to the sounds, you feel a great sense of calmness and peace.

Health Benefits:

With the increasing amount of commitments that all of us have, we hardly have any time outside and spend time in the nature. Being in the nature gives an opportunity to breathe in the fresh air, take our mind off from the everyday stress and activities. Less stress and anxiety help in overall health improvement.

Ways to start mindfulness outdoors :

Listen to outside sounds:

Find a place outdoors, where you won’t be disturbed. It could be a garden, a bench in the park, or sitting under a tree. Just close your eyes, and listen to the sounds, take deep breaths and pay attention to what you hear.

Go for a walk outdoors:

Going out for a scroll is also very calming. Take out some time for yourself and go walk a walk alone. You can walk in a park or anywhere where you feel comfortable. See what’s happening around you. Notice the things around you. Walking is a great physical and mental exercise. Walk at normal, slow easy pace. You might get distracted. Notice your thoughts, your distractions and try to concentrate on walking again.

These are a few ways to practice mindfulness in the nature. You don’t have to only meditate when you are outside. You can just be alone with yourself and enjoy the nature. Try different things and see what you enjoy doing the most outdoors.

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