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Plan Mindful Games for Kids


Plan Mindful Games for Kids

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Mindfulness not only has advantages for adults but also has many benefits for the kids. If we teach mindful practices to kids from an early age, it goes a long way when they are adults. Children get bored very easily. You need to do different mindful practices with them to keep them interested. Also, they are too young understand the concept of mindfulness. Different fun activities help the children motivated and also helps in building interest.

Games that you can play with your children :

1.      Bring your favourite toy :

This game is suitable for toddlers and kindergarten kids. Ask your child to bring a stuffed toy or any of his favourite toy. The children treat their stuffed toys as their friends. Ask the child sit comfortably and ask him to make his toy sit too. Tell him that both of them have to concentrate on take deep breaths. The children feel happy and secured that they have their favourite toy with them, doing the different activities.

2.     Pinwheel Breathing:

All children love pinwheels. Get two pinwheels. One for yourself and another for your child. Both of you blow on the pinwheel and see it rotate. You can try different breaths, both long and short. This is one of the easiest ways to get children to do breathing exercises.

3.     Balancing on foot :

This activity is very helpful for both toddlers and teens. When a child balances on one foot, he focuses all his attention on one leg. Try doing for 10-15 seconds for each leg in the beginning and then gradually increase the time. This activity is very helpful for children to improve their focus and concertation.

4.    Lemon and spoon race :

This a super fun game and children really enjoy themselves. If you have two children, you can have a race for both of them. Otherwise, you play with your child. You need a spoon and a lemon. Ask the child to put the spoon in his mouth  and the put lemon on the spoon. The child has to concentrate and walk fast with the lemon. The children have to balance the lemon and not let it fall. This game is helpful for awareness and concentration both.

These are some very simple activities which can be easily done with  kids from an early age . Starting mindful practices go a long way in making kids mindful.

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