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Tips and tricks to be Mindful


Tips and tricks to be Mindful

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In the last decade or so, everyone is talking about being mindful. In today’s busy and fast paced life, it is essential to take a breather and slow down. We do not realize how important it is to slow down, and focus on yourself. Pay attention to your breaths, surroundings and let go of negativity. Mindfulness help you become calmer and reduces stress.Being mindful is not difficult. You can start from today.

Tips on being Mindful :

Be aware of your breathing :

Set aside 10 -15 minutes in a day and concentrate on your breathing. Sit in a comfortable position and take deep breaths, in and out.  Try to only concentrate on your thoughts and nothing else. It will take a few days but once you get used to it, it will be very easy for you to concentrate and let go of wandering thoughts.

Create a Journal :

Penning your thoughts down is a very calming activity. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by a situation or an incident and are not able to express. Writing in a journal helps you express your feelings and this also helps you to calm down. This will also help you track your mood and feelings each day.

Go out in the nature:

Spending time in the nature is supposed to very therapeutic and good for the mind. Sometimes when you are upset or sad, being in the nature can be of immense help as the your attention is diverted to your surroundings outside. Pay attention to your steps and stride. This will definitely boost your mood.


Meditation is one of the of helpful techniques for mindfulness. You can turn on a calming music or download an app on your phone for meditation. Mediation helps remove stress and anxiety which are a major cause of depression.

Avoid Multitasking:

Although being able to multitask is very good but certain days are very stressful and nothing gets  done. Try not to multitask and complete one task at a time. After finishing one task , move on to the other task.

These are some of the easiest tips and trick to begin your journey in being mindful.

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