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Uplift your mood by being mindful

Uplift your mood by being mindful

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Being mindful helps in reducing depression, stress and anxiety. It has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years.

  • Being mindful can also uplift your mood. One of the easiest ways to uplift your mood is to have a journal. A journal is a great tracker for your mood. You can write your feelings and emotions freely in your journal where no one can know what you have written. Take out ten minutes and write everyday how you are feeling. Write what irritated you about a particular person or what was a nice thing that happened that day. Write what thing triggers you and what thing makes you happy. You will notice that after writing in your journal and expressing your emotions, you are no longer angry.
  • A mindful indulgence can also uplift your mood. A delicious snack always brightens up our mood when we are feeling sad or depressed. All of us have different snack preferences and once in a while indulging in our favourite snack will definitely uplift your mood. But one should keep in mind that overeating can definitely make you gain weight. One should snack mindfully without compromising on the taste.
  • Waking up earlier can also uplift your mood. Try to wake up before everyone in the family and take that time for yourself. This extra time will help you get more organised and productive throughout your day.
  • Smiling often is also a part of being mindful. Smiling at someone can definitely make someone’s day and will also make you feel better.
  • Listening to music can boost happiness and reduce anxiety. Once the music in on you will notice that after sometime you start humming along with the music and this will definitely uplift your mood.
  • Helping someone in need is also a great mood up lifter. It can be as simple as helping someone cross the road, walking a dog or babysitting.

These are simple and very doable tips to uplift your mood mindfully.

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