Thursday, April 9, 2020

How to keep kids busy with resources available at home? #BlogchatterA2Z

Keeping babies and toddlers busy at home can be a tiresome task. So many times, moms complain that they do not know how to keep their kids busy at home. You don’t have to buy the most expensive toys to keep your kids busy. If you look around, you will find numerous activities and resources available at home which you can use to keep  them  occupied. Also, it will give you time to complete your chores.

Some of the activities which you can perform with kids at home are :
  • Cardboard Boxes :
Kids love cardboard boxes. You give him a box and see how happy and busy he will be for minimum fifteen minutes. For preschoolers, you can even perform early math and alphabet activities with the help of a cardboard box. You can write the numbers or alphabets on a cardboard box and ask him  to match the correct number or the letters of the alphabet. If there are different sizes of boxes, you can ask him to sort the boxes from small to big or from big to small boxes. You can even ask him to put one box inside the other box.
  • Involve your kids in household chores :
Kids who are two years and above can help in a lot of small household chores. You can get him to peel potatoes, peel off boiled eggs, putting the vegetable sin the refrigerator, folding the washed clothes, setting up the dinner table, putting the dishes in the dish washer, watering the plants and so on.
  • Design a treasure hunt :
Kids love treasure hunt. Place small hints all over the house and make a treasure hunt at home. Kids love this and feel accomplished when they find the treasure.
  • Build a Fort :
You can take old bed sheets and chairs. Make a Fort or a tent. Have picnic inside the tent. Kids can be kept engaged for more than an hour . They love to pretend play and make their own games inside the fort or the tent.
  • Kitchen Utensils :
This activity is very popular with babies. They love the sound of the kitchen utensils. Give them a few utensils, like a steel or a plastic be bowl, plate and a glass. He will enjoy playing with these simple utensils thoroughly and keep himself occupied for a long time.
  • Play Verbal games :
You can take turns in naming different animals, cities or play “ I Spy” game with the objects around you. You can even play this game while doing your chores.
  • Papers and paints :
Give your child paints and a sheet of paper.Tell him to draw whatever he wants.When he completes, compliment him and put it up on the fridge. He will feel accomplished and would want to do better.

I am sure if you perform these activities with your kids, they will definitely enjoy themselves. Also, each activity is important for their overall growth and development. By performing these simple activities, you can help in developing their fine  motor skills, cognitive skills, vocabulary, early learning , social skills, creative skills.

You don’t have to go out of your way to keep your child busy. Just see what is easily available to you and make each activity an enjoyable one !  


  1. Those are some innovative ways to keep them occupied. Nice read. :)

  2. Very interesting activities Simrit..doing most of these with my grandsons. Organising an easter egg treasure hunt for them

  3. Even I try to keep my kids busy. These are great ideas. My kids also help in house hire and making mess also.

  4. Lovely ideas Simrit. We also involve my son in gardening and cooking, along with other things that you have mentioned.

  5. All these are amazing activities and cardboard is favorite of us, we had made so many beautiful crafts with cardboard crafts.

  6. Thsi is a much needed post and especially during the lockdown period. Thank you for sharing

  7. Best ways to keep the kiddos busy with creativity rather than screen games, I like the I spy game very much me and my son have also played it many times.
    Archana Srivastava

  8. Wow you have listed some really great ways to keep kids occupied. Household chores like laying table, hanging clothes etc even I ensure my kids do as a routine. Treasure hunt is one fun game which I also love to play. Verbal games for river, countries etc are also great way to increase vocab and fun time too.

  9. These are some amazing ideas to keep the kids occupied. Wish to try these interest concepts soon

  10. Wow!! These are quiet easy tricks to keep kids busy during lockdown period. I make my kids play antakshari it helps them to build vocab.

  11. We are trying to do all of these. Will give I Spy a shot tomrw . Thanks


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