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Mindfulness and being flexible


Mindfulness and being flexible

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Mindfulness in simple terms means to be in the present and be aware of what you are doing and not to react to what others say or do.

Being flexible means being easily able to adapt to any situation or modification.

One of the main traits to lead a mindful life is to be able to adapt and change as per the situation arises easily.

A human being can be physically flexible as well as be cognitive flexible. Physical flexibility allows the human being to move around freely without many boundaries. Cognitive flexibility means the range of choices , options and responses one can have for any particular situation.

Rigidity arises when on feels stiff and unyielding towards a given situation. A rigid mind tends to have fixed ideas, perceptions , negativity, prone to bias and frustration which can sometimes lead to making wrong decisions.  Non flexibility can make a human being stubborn, get upset, uncooperative and argumentative

You need to relax and be able to go with the flow, if you want to be flexible in life. Overthinking about any situation never helps anyone. Once you learn to be flexible, you will be ready to face the inevitable changes in life too without getting too much affected by them.

When you are flexible you are open to letting go of many unnecessary things which have no significant in your life. Being flexible gives an opportunity to think about more significant things in life. By not being flexible we are giving an opportunity to our brain to over think about a particular situation and falling in the trap of negative feelings.

In order to live mindfully one needs to consciously let go of negative thoughts , judgements and bias.

It’s not easy to change overnight. But if you make up your mind, being flexible is very easy.

Tips of being flexible:


Visualization is a powerful technique which helps a person to imagine what he wants. Take out 5-10 minutes in a day and visualize what you want. Imagine that you have already received what you want. This helps a person to be positive and helps to erase all the negative thoughts in a person’s life.


Practice thought stopping:

In order to be flexible, one needs to learn to erase negative thoughts . It is human nature to think about negative thoughts more than the positive thoughts. Whenever a negative thought comes to your mind, try to put a bug black dot on top of it and shut your eyes. Try to see and focus on the black dot for 1-2 minutes. This will help you to erase negative thoughts from your mind.

Think before saying No:

It is very easy for everyone to say no. In order to be flexible one needs to say no and think about the pros and cons of a particular situation and then say no. Saying no without thinking leads to closing many doors of good opportunities. Take a deep breath, think about the situation and if it really requires  a  ‘NO’, then only say no.

Document your thoughts:

In order to be mindful, it is very important to let go of all rigidness and stubbornness. If you are feeling frustrated , start writing about your feelings or emotions in a notebook or a journal. Writing will help you express what you feel on a piece of paper and will help you ease the negativity.

These simple techniques will help you in being more flexible and help you focus on more significant things in life. Being flexible will help you better your relationships, reduce personal and professional stress which will help you to lead your life in a better way.

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