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Compassion and Mindfulness


Compassion and Mindfulness

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Have you ever thought that being aware for your breath, emotions and feelings can also make you a compassionate person?

The dictionary meaning of compassionate is ,” Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.” Being compassionate motivates people to help others physically, emotionally and mentally.

Frustration is one of the simplest and fastest emotions felt by any of us. It takes a lot of time and effort to cultivate kindness and empathy. But empathy and compassion are not the same. Empathy means the ability to feel someone else’s emotions and feelings whereas compassion includes the desire to help and overcome those feelings and thoughts.

Compassion makes a person healthier and happier. How can one be compassionate and incorporate mindfulness at the same the time?

Smile :

One of the first and simplest steps to be compassionate is to be able to smile often and smile at someone in passing. If you are not used to smiling, then to smile often can also seem like a chore. But eventually it will become a habit and it be natural for you to smile. You never know whose day you might be brightening with your smile.

Hug yourself:

In order to be kind and compassionate to others, it is important to be kind to yourself first. Hug yourself, make yourself feel good. If you hesitate hugging yourself in public places, try doing it when you are alone.

Get rid of negative people:

Hanging out with people who bring happiness to you is very important. If you hang out with people who only talk ill of others and are not happy at other people’s achievements, are not your true friends. You do not need toxic people in your life. It is better to have two good friends rather than ten negative friends.


Be kind but don’t be a people pleaser:

Be Compassionate and kind to everyone around you but do not agree to someone who is doing wrong. When you are truly compassionate with people, you will be at peace.

Don’t pass judgments:

Do not label anyone as ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘right’, ‘wrong’. Remember that everyone has their own reasons of doing things in a particular manner.

Be a patient listener:

Sometimes people need someone to just listen to them patiently. Show your compassion by being a patient listener. Be fully present at that time. Do not look at your phone or do any other activity. Being present for another person will show that you really care for the other person.

Give a gift to someone:

All of us want good things for ourselves. But if you buy things for yourself every time won’t give you long time happiness. Try gifting someone or donate some amount to charity. You will notice that when you spend on other people you get immense joy and satisfaction.

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  1. That's a good list indeed. A smile not only makes others feel good but also oneself. It's so disarming as well as therapeutic.
    Day 3 - Cats

  2. Such a positive post. Thanks for that. All the best for your A2ZChallenge.


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