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Removing Xtras From Your Life

Removing Xtras From Your Life

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Negativity is one of the main causes of stresses in life. Have you noticed when you are in the company of a negative person for a long period of time, either you also start complaining or you become negative too. This leads to you being in a horrible mood which makes you feel sad, low and completely down.

Here are certain ways which help you to remove the “Xtras” from your life and lead a positive, mindful life.

  • Be mindful of what you speak:

When you are feeling negative, take out your notebook or a journal and start writing your feelings. After writing, notice the kind of feelings you have. Are you using the same phrases or words repeatedly? If you are using the same phrases, try not to say or think about those things because if you repeat a certain thing a number of times, you start to believe it.

  • Remove toxic relationships from your life:

Negativity is not only in the form of thoughts but is also present in the form of people or relationships. If any person your relative makes you feel bad or low about yourself, you need to move away from him. Nobody has the right to treat you badly. Sometimes, unfortunately these individuals are very close family member. You cannot move away from them completely but you can just reduce the amount of time that you spend with them.

  • Find Positive People:

The more you find positive people around you, the better it is for your mental health and peace. If you are around positive people,  it will help you not to think about the negative people in your life. Positive people make you feel good, give you confidence and bring a smile on your face. With positive people in your life, there is very less room for negativity in your life.

  • Do what you love:

All of us like to do certain things but we have become so engrossed in our lives that we dint have any time left for our hobbies or the things which we love to do. Take out 20-30 minutes in a day and set aside that time only for the things that you love to do. It can be reading, watching TV, singing, painting or even writing. When you do something for yourself, it definitely boosts your confidence and also makes you feel good. You do not have time for the xtras in your life.

  •  Meditate :

Meditation is on of the most powerful tools which helps us to focus or your breaths and thoughts. It can give you clarity of thought and can also help you to focus on positive and more important things in lfe.

These are some very easy ways to remove “Xtras” from your life.

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