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Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga and Mindfulness

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All of us know that both mindfulness and yoga have many advantages. But what happens when we combine both mindfulness and yoga together?

When we merge both mindfulness and yoga together, we get a new term called Mindful Yoga.  Although both yoga and mindfulness aim to focus on your breath and what happens in the present moment, but still they are different.

When we practice mindfulness, we purposely bring our attention in the present moment. It is technique to train your mind and bring it to the present when it wanders off. It aims to cultivate attention and awareness to what is happening in the current moment without being judgemental. 

Yoga on the other hand is a science of overall healthy living.

Let is see the difference between Mindfulness and Yoga in detail :

  • 1.      Yoga is an art or science of healthy living which incorporates many physical and breathing exercises other than only meditation. Mindfulness on the other hand is a form of meditation that makes you aware of where you are and what you are doing without any judgement.
  • 2.     Yoga helps to improve your posture, build over all strength, increases flexibility , increases blood flow and reduces stress. Mindfulness on the other hand, improves memory, focus , mental health  and mood.
  • 3.     Yoga helps in over all holistic development of your body. It helps to connect body, mind and spirit . Mindfulness is one the main components of meditation techniques that helps to bring your mind to the present state without any bias or judgement.

In conclusion, we can say that both yoga and mindfulness support and enhance each other. Both of them focus on mind-body awareness , improving both physical and mental health. We can say that one should make and effort and try to practice Mindful yoga. It is not difficult to put your mind to it.  You need to train your mind and can start from today. The only thing that is required in consistency. 

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