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Why has mindfulness become very popular in the last decade ?

 Why has mindfulness become very popular in the last decade ?

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Mindfulness has become very popular in the last decade. Our lives have become very hectic and mechanical in the last few years. Along with the work load, stress levels have also increased tremendously. 

Mindfulness teaches us to live in the present and be aware of our feelings, emotions and even our breathing. It can be a part of your lifestyle and aim towards wellness. The wellness can be in any form whether physical, psychological or emotional. 
Mindful exercises help to reduce anxiety, stress and depression.
Mindfulness helps a person to think differently and be stress free. With the advent of internet and social media, there are many online portals and platforms where people discuss their feelings and emotions. This helps them to openly talk about anything they want without being judged. They share their experiences with their friends and relatives. People also share about their experiences on blogs and other social media sites which creates awareness among the masses.

  Mediation is a form of mindfulness and it has been prevalent since many centuries. Meditation can be done anywhere where you are comfortable, outdoors or indoors.

Your mindful journey can be started only by taking out ten minutes everyday. By following simple mindful exercises you will realize that how easily you can let go of  negative thoughts and worries which cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. In the last ten years or so, people have become aware and have become more vocal about their thoughts and feelings. Earlier people didn't talk openly about depression and anxiety.  Now, people have started to discuss about it freely. Many courses and programs are available which help people deal with stress and anxiety. They are taught various meditation techniques and exercises which puts their mind at ease and stress free.

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